The Tribal Member Benefits Department is primarily responsible for the administration and tracking of benefits such as the Elder's Benefit, Burial Assistance, Minors' Trust, and per capita distribution. The department also strives to maintain the Tribal census, ensuring that Tribal data is kept as current as possible.

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Notice to all Tribal Members

To ensure that you receive your per capita distribution, newsletter, and other pertinent information from the Tribe, the Tribal Member Benefits Department / Census Office must have your correct information on file. Please make sure to complete and submit a Census Information Update Form any time there is a change in your name, address, telephone number, etc. This form is downloadable from the link below. This form is to be utilized by the Tribal Members of the Poarch Band of Creek Indians only, all other submissions will be disregarded.

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Department Contacts

Marlene McNairn
Tribal Member Benefits Clerk
(251) 368-9136 ext. 2209

Carolyn Rackard
Tribal Member Benefits Coordinator

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