Special Notices:

Slides from the General Council Meeting held on November 1, 2014 have been posted in the Tribal Member Only Portal (TMOP) and is accessible to Tribal Members only using their pre-assigned username and password.

A copy of the 1982 Poarch Band of Creek Indians Tribal Roll has been posted in the Tribal Members Only Portal (TMOP) which is accessible to Tribal Members only using their previously assigned username and password.

2015 Distribution Options Form

The 2015 Distribution Options Form has been posted in the Tribal Members Benefit section of the Tribal Members Only Portal (TMOP). The TMOP is accessible to Tribal Members only utilizing their pre assigned username and password. If you have not already completed a 2015 Distribution Options Form, please print and complete the form and return it to Tribal Member Benefits by December 15, 2015. If you have any questions about the 2015 Distribution Options Form, please contact Tribal Member Benefits at (251) 368-9136 x 2209. If you have any questions about your TMOP username and password, contact Hannah Flowers at (251) 368-9136 x 2003.


The Tribal Member Benefits and Resource Development departments merged October 1, 2013. Their functions remain the same. However, Enrollment is now its own separate department.

The Tribal Member Benefits Department maintains all records relating to Tribal Member benefits in addition to providing Tribal Members with Tribal identification cards and assistance in the legal reimbursement program.

Tribal Member Benefits is responsible for maintaining and updating the Tribe's database of Tribal member information. TMB must be notified of any changes to a member's name, address, contact information, or beneficiary change.

The Resource Development Department is responsible for researching and developing grant applications for Tribal programs, services, functions, and activities for the benefit of Tribal families. Extensive planning and coordination with Tribal leaders, Tribal program directors, grant representatives, and the Tribal community are essential to the development of successful grant applications. In addition to annual ongoing projects and applications, the Resource Develppment Department staff explores new funding sources to match Tribal needs.

Tribal Members may access all Tribal Benefits Downloads and Information via the Tribal Members Only Portal (TMOP) on the home page of this web site.

Department Contacts

Elaine Sheets, Receptionist
(251) 368-9136, Ext 2209

Marlene McNairn, Tribal Member Benefits Clerk
(251) 368-9136, Ext 2207

Stay Up To Date

To ensure that you receive your Tribal benefits, newsletter, and other pertinent information from the Tribe, the Tribal Member Benefits Department must have your correct information on file.

Please make sure to complete and submit a "Tribal Benefits Change of Information Form" any time there is a change in your name, address, telephone number, etc. Additionally for name changes, you must also fill out a W-9 and attach a new social security card along with a marriage certificate or divorce decree. The above referenced forms are located in the Tribal Members Only Portal accessible from the link on the home page.

Member Downloads

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